« Système alimentaire durable pour 2030 » ; grant : TIGA (Territoires d'innovation de grande ambition : 2020-2030 ; PI :  Philippe Lemanceau, INRAE ; EREN members involved : Dr Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot (EREN)

OPEN FOOD SYSTEM "Large-scale research and development structuring project at the convergence point of several activity segments including the agri-food business, electrical domestic appliances and digital content and services segments. It consists of 25 public and private partners"; grant: Competitiveness Cluster (PSPC) label adopted by Vitagora, Cap Digital, Imaginove, Aquimer, Microtechniques, Agrimip financed by the french government and the Franche-Comté region as part of the "Investissements d'Avenir program managed by Bpifrance 2012-2016; PI: SEB Group; EREN members involved: Dr Sandrine Péneau, Dr Léopold Fezeu, Dr Pilar Galan, Pr Serge Hercberg.

"Nutrition, metabolomics signatures, microbiota and immunity: the meeting in the middle approach"; grant: AAP Allocation Doctorales LabEx Milieu Intérieur 2016-2019; PI: Dr Mathilde Touvier (EREN).

"Microbiota and nutrition"; grant: Mileu Interieur LabEx post-doctoral funding for Dr Marion Torres 2015-2016; PI: Dr Pilar Galan (EREN).

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