EREN is in charge of the Master’s program in Public Health and Human Nutrition.

This 2-year program is one of several master’s curricula in public health offered by the University of Paris 13 - Sorbonne Paris Cité.

Its overarching goal is to train field practitioners and researchers in the areas of nutrition and public health where diverse perspectives (e.g., public/private, epidemiologic, economic, populational, etc.) converge: those of private citizens, consumers, industry leaders, public health decision-makers at the national and international levels. Students choosing a research orientation also have the opportunity to learn about various methodological and theoretical tools.

All lectures are delivered by University professors, University Hospital physicians, researchers and practitioners representing major national and European public health and/or nutrition-focused institutions. Having direct contact with experts from the public and private sectors allows students to grasp early on the particularities of the various careers in public health/nutrition and thus make informed decisions about their future employment choices.

The Master’s program in Public Health & Human Nutrition welcomes students not only from France but also from around the world as full-time trainees or as part of exchange agreements (e.g., Erasmus Program).

Coordinators: Serge Hercberg, MD, PhD, Sandrine Péneau, PhD, Léopold Fezeu, MD, PhD, Chantal Julia, MD, PhD, Valentina Andreeva, PhD.

EREN researchers involved in the Master’s program: Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot, PhD, Mathilde Touvier, PhD, Benjamin Allès, PhD, Camille Buscail, MD.


For more information : http://formations.univ-paris13.fr/masternhsp

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