The EREN team consists of 66 people counting people working at the nutritional surveillance and epidemiology team (Esen, Sante Publique France/Paris 13 University team associated to EREN) (going up to 80 when including Master’s degree students):

  • 25 researchers (13 hold an Accreditation to Supervise Research: French HDR) affiliated to research institutes (INSERM, INRA); Universities (P13; P5; P6; P12); hospital (APHP); or government agencies (Santé Publique France)
  • 28 engineers/technicians: 15 permanent agents from INSERM, INRA, P13, CNAM; and 13 non-permanent staff (CDD)
  • 2 Postdoctoral fellows and 11 Ph.D. students (present on August 30th 2017) / 10-15 Master students per year.

This represents 63 FTE (Master's trainees excluded).

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