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The NutriNet-Santé study was set up to investigate nutrition and health relationships. Specifically, it was the first web-based cohort worldwide on such a large scale (n=164 000 as of 2019) focused on the complex link between nutrition and health status. It is characterized by a very detailed assessment of nutritional exposure and dietary behavior. A biobank comprising samples of serum, plasma, and buffy-coats for genetic analyses, as well as urine samples was set up for 19 600 subjects of the cohort. It represents a unique platform for establishing multidisciplinary research projects and collaborations, with the capability and flexibility to add ancillary protocols and questionnaires and thus rapidly collect large amounts of high-quality data. Our ambition is to expand NutriNet-Santé to other countries. It has already been launched in Belgium and pilot studies are ongoing in Switzerland, Spain, Canada and Mexico. Our team is a pioneer of e-epidemiology at the international level having conducted numerous methodological research investigations in this field.

EREN was the first research team in France to obtain authorization by the State Council (in 2012) to link data from our cohorts with data from the national health insurance system (which includes detailed information on prescription medication use, sick leaves, etc). In addition to augmenting our databases, such access allows us to set up specific programs focused on long-term drug use in interaction with nutrition.

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